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New Mexico Wholesale Cannabis

New Mexico Wholesale Cannabis Only Partners With Certain Brands To Ensure The Highest Quality Products.

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Silk 2G Disposables

Silk’s Premium 2 Gram Live Resin disposables are a must-have! This device has all the features every user needs. All-day battery life, durability, discretion, and provide the smoothest vaping experience on the market. Made with strain-specific Cannabis extracted terpenes, we promise it’s the closest thing to Smoking Top Shelf Flower every time!

Spaced 2G Disposables

2 Gram All-In-One Disposables

Rechargeable, Auto/PreHeat

Premium THC Distillate 90%-94%

Custom, Organic, Botanical Terpene Blends

The Most Reliable and Affordable Device on the Market!

"Art In A Cart"

Proud Partners!

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